Glamping at Conestoga Ranch

I love being in nature.

But I also love the comforts of my king-sized bed and modern plumbing.

So, glamping at Conestoga Ranch in Bear Lake sounded like an ideal way to enjoy nature with our little kids.

Our tent had a king-sized bed for us and bunk beds for the kids. There was a bathroom with a bathtub and shower, toilet, and sink.

There were electrical outlets and heaters.

We had our own personal campfire for private marshmallow-roasting sessions and soaking in the scenery of Bear Lake.

We ate all of our meals at the open-air Campfire Grill restaurant. I mean, I love a good tin-foil dinner, but this food was gourmet. We loved it.

The bookworm in me especially appreciated that the bills were delivered in old books.

Our kids loved the resort’s full-sized playground and swing set, lassoing course, games tent and general store. We also had fun doing yoga, bike riding, and stargazing. (We got such a good view of Jupiter!)

Our favorite nearby family activities: Fresh Bear Lake raspberry shakes at Quick N Tasty, bike rides on Bear Lake’s road bike route, go-kart rides, playing at the lake, hiking on the Wind Cave Trail and exploring the Paris Ice Cave.

Utah’s best family staycations

Check out my Utah staycations segment on Fox 13’s “The Place” here! 

There’s something thrilling about exploring new cities and countries.

But so many of us miss the beauty in our own backyards. I live in Utah, and there are so many spectacular places that people come from all over the world to see. So, I’ve decided to play tourist in my own state.

I packed up my family of five and explored some of the best places Utah has to offer. Here are some of our new favorite places to stay:

Conestoga Ranch, Bear Lake

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Why I teach my kids to believe in fairies + Woodland Fairies at Gardner Village

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.” -Mark Twain 

I grew up with an imaginative childhood. My mom wrote painstakingly tiny notes from the tooth fairy and left them under my pillow. I believed fairies were real, and we spent hours searching for them in the backyard, building little houses for them, knowing they must’ve flitted away just moments before.

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Exploring Moab with kids

There is so much to see in Moab. It is the perfect outdoor playground. We took our three little kids for a quick 2-day trip, and they were in heaven.

We stayed at Red Cliffs Lodge, and had an incredible experience there. The resort is a few miles outside of Moab, in the middle of a canyon, so it is quiet, serene and has breathtaking views of the red cliffs and the Colorado River.

Plus, it was just a few minutes away from some of Moab’s best adventures.

Here are some kid-friendly spots we hit in Moab:

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Top 10 tips for traveling with kids

We featured a few of these tips on FOX13’s live show, “The Place.” Click here to watch!

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. In fact, a U.S. Department of Education study shows that kids who travel (regardless of the destination) do better in reading, math and general education than their peers who don’t travel. It doesn’t need to be an expensive or exotic getaway. What’s important is stepping out of your lived-in routine to create lasting family memories.

Here are some tips from my globetrotting friend, Jenna Haynie, and I to help your family travel go as smoothly as possible:

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