How Beddy’s bedding keeps me sane

I promised my kids they’d get bunk beds when they were old enough to share a room. Well, the time came, and the bunk beds came. The kids loved sleeping by a buddy. But we had a new problem: Making bunk beds is a JOKE. Getting on the top bunk and trying to make the bed not look like a Tasmanian devil slept in it? Mission impossible.

Everyone I complained to about this conundrum touted Beddy’s as the solution to my problem, but I wasn’t sure if the price tag would really be worth it or not. I’ve had my Beddy’s for a few weeks now, and it still makes me so happy when I walk in the kids’ room and see their neatly zipped-up beds. No comforter hanging off the sides of the beds. No sheets bunched up under the covers.

Beddy’s is like a giant sleeping bag with the sheet and comforter all in one piece. Under the cute, modern comforter is a soft minky surface that my kids love snuggling under. Everything fits snugly to the bed. The kids are still excited about their new cozy bedding, and I am still excited that they can make their beds in 10 seconds.

If you’re wondering if you should get Beddy’s, my recommendation is a resounding yes. It’s amazing how big a difference something as simple as making a bed seems to make in our lives! I know the Navy Seal author of the New York Times bestseller “Make Your Bed” agrees. đŸ™‚

Photos by Nikki Davis

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