Brunchettes: Fight Like Girls

Bre Lasley and her sister miraculously survived an attempted murder in September, 2015.

But that traumatic experience was just the beginning of her fight.

Bre has been fighting through depression, anxiety, low self-worth, fear and that she says has been just as hard, if not harder, than physically fighting her attacker.

Bre had us on the edge of our seats, crying, and laughing as she told us her story and empowered us to find love, self-worth, forgiveness, and hope through our own fights, whether they be infertility, divorce, mental illness, abuse, or any other kind of personal hardship.

Bre has such a light about her and I’m so grateful we got a chance to feel that at Brunchettes.

Read more about Bre here.

Thank you to everyone who helped Brunchettes happen!

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