Talk Wordy to Me events

I’m passionate about the power that comes from bringing women together. The strength in being open and honest about what we are struggling with—whether it’s yelling at our kids, getting to our ideal weight, healing from trauma, dealing with depression or anxiety, or just plain fighting to find joy in motherhood.

I craved more opportunities for us women to open up and lift up, face-to-face.

So, I started putting on small events where we could talk about the things that are on our minds and in our hearts. Where we could swap stories and struggles and advice and as a result feel less alone and more buoyed up.

At each event, an inspirational speaker talks to us about an issue we face as women and need extra uplifting in. The speaker chooses a cause that is meaningful to her, and ticket proceeds go to that.

Each woman leaves with a full tummy, a renewed perspective, a sense of sisterhood and service, and gifts from women-owned companies.

Instead of comparing and competing, let’s just be ourselves, share our struggles, and help each other out.

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Next up: Finding your light amidst anxiety and depression, November 16th at 7pm in Draper, Utah.

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If you know of someone who would be a great speaker (or cause) for a future event, shoot me an email at