Roxana B. Photography


Women need women. And women need food. Especially when it’s brunch food.

That’s why I created Brunchettes, a bi-monthly brunch to empower women.

At each brunch, an inspirational speaker talks to us about an issue we face as women and need extra uplifting in. Finding joy in motherhood, healing from trauma, body positivity, self-love and mental health are just a few topics we explore at Brunchettes events.

Each woman leaves Brunchettes with a full tummy, a renewed perspective, a sense of sisterhood and gifts from women-owned companies.

Instead of comparing and competing, let’s just be ourselves, share our struggles, and help each other out.

Click here for tickets to the next Brunchettes event, “Be Your Own Beautiful,” on June 24th in Provo, UT.

See highlights from each brunch here:

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Brunchettes: Finding Joy in Motherhood

Brunchettes: Fight Like Girls

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