My favorite iPad games for kids

I’m very particular about the way my kids spend time with technology. It can quickly become time-wasting and brain-numbing. I think the biggest concern for me is that it can take away from time they could be spending imagining, interacting with others or learning in a more productive way. But our kids are growing up in a tech-savvy world, and I don’t want to shield them from it or demonize it. I want my kids to know how to take advantage of it for the positive tool it can be.

I was so excited to find a learning program that is in line with how I want technology to be used in our home. Osmo is an award-winning game system that uses the iPad and iPhone for interactive, hands-on learning.

We got the Osmo Genius Kit, which includes their Tangram, Words, and Numbers games.

With Tangram, kids arrange wooden shapes to match the animals, people and things they see on the screen.

The Words game teaches kids to guess and spell the images on the screen.

The Numbers game is my kids’ favorite. I even have fun playing it with them!The kids arrange the number tiles to match the numbers on the bubbles, and when the bubbles pop, a surprise floats down into the aquarium. I was surprised at how quickly my son progressed with his counting skills as he played this game.

I love that each of my kids have their own profiles, so the games are catered to their learning level.

Osmo games are incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. We can’t wait to try Masterpiece for my budding artist and Hot Wheels Mind Racers for my car-loving boy. I love that my kids can have fun playing these games together but still have fun learning on their own with them. They get so excited to tell me when they’ve earned a reward or moved on to the next level.

I’m grateful I found a way for my kids to use technology at home in an educational, hands-on way that makes learning so much fun!

Osmo sent me the Genius Kit for review after I heard rave reviews about their products from friends who had purchased them and reached out to them. Their generosity in no way affected the honesty of this review. I would recommend Osmo a hundred times over and am so happy with how it has replaced less productive game-playing in our home with interactive, hands-on learning! 


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