3 ways to find your next favorite book

With 130,000,000 books in the world, how do you find the one that will capture your interest?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how many life-changing, thought books there are out there that could entertain me, expand my thinking and change my life, as so many books have. How am I going to make sure I find all of the ones I’d love? Let’s call it bookworm anxiety, shall we?

Here are a few ways to combat bookworm anxiety and find your next favorite read:

1. Personalized reading recommendations: Simply fill out an online form provided by your local library and a real-life librarian will find a list of books matching your interests. I’ve found some of my favorite books this way. If your library doesn’t offer official personalized recommendation lists, don’t be afraid to ask a librarian for recommendations. That’s what they’re there for!

2. Good Reads: Whenever you come across a book you’d like to read, add it to your “to read” shelf on Good Reads to keep track. Also, search highly-rated books on likeminded friends’ accounts.

3. WhatshouldIreadnext.com: Simply put in the title or author of a book you loved and you’ll get a list of similar books that you’ll probably dig.

I love talking wordy (obviously), so feel free to ask me for some of my recommendations!

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