Current Projects

The Duchess of Castle Combe  

A novel inspired by my trip to the english countryside and a tale I imagined happening in a quaint, 700-year-old village I explored there.

and . . .

A Title That Shall Not Be Named

A memoir about when, as a teenager, I moved with my family from our predictable but pleasant life in Utah to Brisbane, Australia, and the adventures I had while living there for the next few years. Which, of course, included riding kangaroos around the desert and enjoying them for dinner later. (One of those things is true.)


Disclaimer: It’s a faux pas among some authors to talk about your first major writing projects before they’re published, especially when it comes to your first novel, which often doesn’t amount to anything. Although the vulnerability of it all scares me a little bit, I’m choosing to be open about my writing process here and share what I learn as I go along, in hopes that it will be helpful to other writers.

Also, my main goal with my writing is to put my heart into it, enjoy it, and learn from it. The idea of publishing, while exciting, is secondary. (At least for now.) Thank you for your support while I find my voice and put myself out there. Huzzah! Or something. I don’t know. Now I know why songwriters are always complaining about how hard it is to end a song. Blog posts are the same, man.