How to turn your child into a bookworm

Reading to your child and teaching him or her to love reading at an early age will:

  • Improve his or her vocabulary and communication skills
  • Boost his or her self-esteem
  • Prime your child to succeed in school
  • Prepare your child to more easily learn a second language
  • Strengthen family bonds (as you read together)

Unfortunately, bookworming doesn’t come naturally to every child, and forcing it too much can backfire. In this video, I share a few things you can do to gently encourage your child to love reading:

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Books are better: 6 ways to encourage kids to choose books over technology

“If children enjoy reading, they will be more apt to continue to read as teenagers and as adults,” says Joella Peterson, children’s services manager at Provo City Library. (Photos courtesy of @heatheranncreates)


With all of the fun games and apps available to kids today, its no surprise reading often takes a backseat.

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On being brave




We all have dreams. Desires to do something, to be something. A gift within us that we want to develop, that we desperately want to express, but we talk ourselves out of it. It may not be something huge, like becoming a movie star. It may be learning to cook really well for your family. Learning to sing. Starting a small business. Or if you’re me, writing a book.

Whatever your dream is, we all meet a moment (or multiple moments, really) when that dream requires us to put ourselves out there and risk being seen as desperate, not quite talented enough—weird, or boring.

What are you going to do with that moment? Most people give up before giving in to vulnerability. They convince themselves that somebody has already done it, or is doing it better.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to compare yourselves to them. You are not them. And no one really wants you to be. Or at least, the people who matter don’t. You have something unique to offer. Even if on paper you are doing the same thing that has been done a million times over.

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