30 reasons I love my 30s

I remember when 30 sounded old.

When it was my turn to turn the big 3-0 , I was a little sad to leave those 20s in my past.

But now that I’ve been in the Land of the 30-Somethings for a few years, I’ve decided I really like it here.

Like, more than any other decade of ages I’ve dwelt in.

30s are the new 20s, I say.

A few things that have me thinking I’ll stick around for awhile (or at least for, I don’t know, seven more years or so):

  1. Self-confidence. If I had this much when I was in high school, I totally would’ve sung that solo. And maybe kissed more boys (sorry, hubs).
  2. Permission to be weird. I’ve always been a bit quirky, but I feel like we get more permission to be so with every year we age.
  3. Wisdom and experience. I’m pretty much a sage now. Ask me your soul’s questions, young grasshopper.
  4. Nearing the end of the baby stage. I loved my sweet newborns. And I’ll have moments when I’ll miss that phase. But for now, moving on from the days of haziness, craziness, diapers and tantrums sounds nice.
  5. Marriage. We’ve passed the 7-year itch, the 10-year whatever, and we’re in a happy place.
  6. Dirty 30s. They’re real, people.
  7. Fearlessness to adventure. I’m less scared of saying yes to new things and adventures.
  8. More financial security. And house-owning is less scary than I thought.
  9. Things I’ve been looking forward to my whole life aren’t too far away now. Like that trip to Europe when kids are grown. Doesn’t pretty much everyone have that one on their bucket list?
  10. I take pleasure in simpler things now. Nature, good books, solitude. Even five minutes. Heck, I’ll take two, if it means I get to use the bathroom without a tiny person asking for a snack.
  11. Having an older child who is so helpful with the younger ones. Not too long before she can officially babysit! I can smell the freedom.
  12. True friends. The longer I live, the easier it becomes to know which ones are. And I feel like I need less friends, but deeper connections with the ones I have.
  13. I’m in a good place with food and health. I know how to keep my body healthy and it includes room for indulgences now and again. I mean, I still need to have at least 1,000 more ice cream cones before I die. How else am I going to get them in?
  14. I think I’m finally getting the swing of being the mom I want to be.
  15. I’ve learned what I’m good at and what to let go of. (Writing? Always. Sewing? Sayonara.)
  16. I feel like I’m married to an older, more seasoned man.¬†And I think the white starting to pepper his beard is ultra sexy.
  17. More perspective.
  18. More gratitude.
  19. More memories.
  20. I know what makes me happy and what I want to prioritize in my life.
  21. I haven’t seen a gray hair yet (knock on wood, knock on wood). Wait, if you say it twice, does that undo it? Crap.
  22. I like to think that my life practice has helped me become kinder, more genuine and more patient. Maybe just the smallest bit on that last one.
  23. I’m in charge. I’m an official adult. I’m the Mom! I call the shots. Skip the dentist. Dessert for breakfast. PJs all day.
  24. I’ve left the not-so-fun things from my 20s behind. Like my first big break-up, my first GYN appointment (are those the miniature jaws of death?) and finals week.
  25. I’ve been able to experience a lot of things and places. I’ve had plenty of blissful moments in my life. I could die happy.
  26. I made it to 30! That’s a huge feat in terms of the middle ages, where life expectancy was somewhere around 31 years old.
  27. I’ve accomplished some fun things. Wrote a book, taught pilates and yoga, traveled lots, and Goga. Google it.
  28. I’m old enough to relate to the more seasoned crowd, but young enough to be crazy with the 20-somethings.
  29. Someone will always be older than me. Age is all about perspective.
  30. I have thicker skin. I’m still the sensitive soul I always was, but I’m better at letting things roll off my back. I live in my own little bubble of self-confidence and contentment with my choices.

I’m still scared to get old, old. But I feel young and free and I’m happy where I am now. Aren’t the 30s universally considered the prime years? Add it to the list.

Here are some fun facts about when we peak at everything throughout life.

Happy aging!

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