Favorite romantic reads

I’m a sucker for romantic novels. In lieu of Valentine’s Day, here is a pile I’ve added to my favorites list over the years. I’d love to know yours!

At the top of the list are some classic regency novels, because when it comes to romance, nothing beats those in my romantic-in-the-wrong-century opinion.

Jane Eyre is not only a favorite romance, but if I had to pick, my favorite classic of all time.

Maybe not the most popularly picked of Jane Austen, but in my mind, it’s her best romance.

Wuthering Heights is a twisted, darker love story, but I can’t get enough of it.

Julianne is a local author I was lucky enough to meet and ask my burning questions to through Delicious Reads book club. Her “Proper Romance” novels are everything you’d hope for in a clean but tastefully steamy romance with a happy ending.

This was a refreshing, romantic read with a lot of interesting historical insight into the Gilded Age.

Both the book and movie are tear-jerkers. Worth the tears.

A few middle-grade books that are definitely worth a read:

An adventurous romance set in ancient Italy.

I read this over and over as a tweenager.

The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games? Yes, please.

Unconventional love stories:

This memoir spoke to the wanderluster inside of me. Elizabeth Gilbert is a master of storytelling.

A sweet story that is probably unlike anything you’ve read.

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