Why you should put Australia at the top of your travel bucket list

See my segment about Australia on Fox 13’s “The Place” here.
It’s true: Of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world, all are Australian. The most toxic animal in the world, the box jellyfish, lives in Australian waters. There are poisonous (and huge) spiders, deadly rip currents, and sharks. Australia’s east coast is home to the 15 hottest places on earth. The flight to get there is pretty much an all-day affair, and you end up losing an entire day of existence on the way there thanks to the International Dateline.

But hear me out. Australia has a lot more to offer than deadly creatures and heat waves.
Here’s why you should keep it on your bucket list:
1. The beaches. They’re unbeatable. The sand is a  heavenly texture and there are so many quiet, pristine beaches to visit.
2. The people. Australians are unlike any others on earth. They’re friendly, laid-back, honest, and have the best accents and lingo.
3. The food. It’s fresher and healthier—even the candy! Certain food additives we have here are banned there. Plus, Aussies have morning and afternoon tea in addition to the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. The weather. Especially in Queensland, “The Sunshine State,” where I used to live. Queenslanders are so spoiled, they complain about their two weeks of “winter,” which sometimes require a light jacket.
5. The animals. It doesn’t get much better than koalas and kangaroos.
Before you go:
Snag a good deal. I like Flights from Home, Scott’s cheap flights and Travelzoo (anything under $1,000 is a killer deal).
Learn some aussi lingo. To speak Australian, just clip off the end of a word! breakfast = brekky, afternoon = arvo, and mosquito = mozzie.  Also, swimsuit = togs, whine = whinge, thank you = ta, and pacifier/binky = dummy.
Read up. I love “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson for inside info and wild anecdotes about Australia.
Contact me. I lived Down Under for four years and love talking about Australia and sharing travel tips.
I made this video in Australia with my favorite Aussie couple, Dave and Eleasah (may daughter’s namesake). They share some lingo, bust some common myths, and recount a couple frightening stories of their encounters with Australian wildlife.
See my video of our latest trip to Australia and New Zealand here.

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