Maui 2017

This winter, Clay and I went to Maui for the first time. We went with Clay’s sales team at Imagine Learning and we’re so grateful for the memorable trip they provided us with. 

The highlight of our trip was the Road to Hana. I am so glad we still went despite a lot of people telling us it may not worth the long drive on a windy road. The drive and the places we stopped at were some of the most beautiful natural creations I’ve seen in my life. My motion-sickness-prone hubby was grateful he brought his Sea Bands, though.

Here’s what we did on the Road to Hana:

Stop 1: Paia town. A cute little village where we walked around and grabbed sack lunches.

Surfboard wall in Paia

Stop 2: Twin Falls. A quaint waterfall. Pretty, but not a must in my opinion.

Stop 3: The Ho’okipa Lookout. The view was gorgeous, but the fruit stand was even better. We bought mango, passionfruit and bananas that saved us seven hours later when we were in the middle of nowhere with no food. (Rookies over here. Make sure you pack plenty of food, water and snacks!)

Ho’okipa Lookout

Stop 4: Garden of Eden Arboretum. A gorgeous, serene garden with stunning lookouts and great picnic spots.You have to pay to get in, but it is so worth it. This one is a must if you like things that are beautiful!

Stop 5: Ke’anae Arboretum. A really cool, quick stop along the coast to check out.

Ke’anae Arboretum. Yay for Sea Bands!

Stop 6: Wai’anapanapa State Park. This one is must! There’s a short walk to a black sand beach and beach cave.

Stop 7: Kipahulu, Haleakala National Park. This was by far our favorite stop. The seven sacred pools were closed, but still amazing to look at, and the ocean view is incredible. We spotted whales from the shore. The hike is what I want to talk about. We almost didn’t go because it was four miles and we wanted to get off the road before dark, but we are so glad we went for it. There are so many beautiful things to see on the trail: Waterfalls, a huge Banyan Tree and a dense bamboo forest. The best part is the waterfall at the end.

The next day, we went on a snorkeling trip and lost count of the whales we saw (my dream come true).

I love my Coco and Kiwi diaper bag that doubles as a great traveling purse. And I was pretty happy to score that Anthro dress for $40.

Now I’m torn about which Hawaiian Island is my favorite. Maui is right up there with Kauai. I think I’d choose to vacation in Maui but live on Kauai. (A literal dream of ours that we hope comes true someday!)

If I missed any Maui must-dos, let me know, because we’re definitely going back.

I’d go running way more if the scenery was like this. My new favorite workout leggings: Albion


Cheryl Strayed was the perfect beach companion. And you need this shirt from Cents of Style.


5 days of alone time with this man of mine was a dream come true. We need to get away like that at least every year. Swimmer from Called to Surf.

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