Getting (and not getting) answers


We got another negative pregnancy test today, and I found it easy to feel negativity about it.

We went to the temple in hopes of finding some clarity and peace.

Although I didn’t get a loud-and-clear answer that yes, there’s one more! And he’s comin’ soon!

Maybe I felt a soft whisper version of that.

And I realized something.

Sometimes, answers don’t come as clarity or confirmation.

Sometimes, the answer itself doesn’t come at all.

Instead, God sends a sense of calm.

A godly admonition to chill a little. Because He’s got this.

Tonight, I didn’t get the answer I went in for.

But I got perspective.

And permission to stop worrying about the future. To just enjoy all I have right now.

Everything will fall in place how it will.

I feel like I need to stop expending energy on the things I can’t control and instead hand those over to God while I focus on other important things I do have influence over.

Tonight, I also got strength—that intangible, but very real sense of power that stays with you when you walk out of the temple doors. Strength to keep going a little longer. At least until the next time I need Him to pat me on the back and say, “I’ve gotcha,” as I say to my little baby when she falls down and cries. She repeats “I’ve gotcha” back to me in her sweet little voice, and everything is OK again.

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2 thoughts on “Getting (and not getting) answers

  1. I need to learn from you how to write powerful, but not so lengthily. This struck my heart and I thank you for being a friend, sharing your struggles, and empowering everyone in the process..

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